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Hats Off to Gigi Burris

Hats Off to Gigi Burris

We’re huge fans of a scrunchie — there’s just something about wearing a voluminous piece of fabric on your wrist or around a low pony that makes the day better. So, when we decided to make our own, we knew just who to call. A longtime friend, Gigi Burris is a CFDA Accessories Award nominee and the best milliner in New York City. Her pieces are all handmade using the finest materials just a few blocks away from our HQ in New York City. Plus, we love the fact that, as a small, female-founded business, we’re able to partner with another female entrepreneur. 

While we could wax poetic about Gigi and our scrunchies for quite some time, we’ll go ahead and pass the torch over to Gigi, herself.

Why millinery? What drew you to this craft? 

I believe there is something so romantic about being a young person preserving this craft that has been practiced for centuries. Back in the day, it was very much a female-driven industry, so there is something particularly special about that strong female energy. 

The past few years have been filled with career milestones for you — are there any particular moments that stand out for you?

Well, thank you for saying so! I am pretty thrilled with our recent collaboration with Star Wars as well as working with my close friend Brandon Maxwell on his collections. 

Tell us more about your atelier in New York City — why have you chosen to keep all production in NYC and who do you employ?  

Local production is something at the very forefront of Gigi Burris and something I am so passionate about and proud of. We work with trained artisans who hand block each hat, women who hand press and assemble every silk flower, and couture sewers who trim each piece and gather veilings. When we support these local artisans, it carries on the legacy of quality and sows seeds into the local economy. 

What words would you use to describe the overall aesthetic of your line? 

Feminine yet subversive, confident and often playful. 

We’ve heard that your Southern roots inspire much of your design — can you expand on this? 

I am a proud, sixth generation Floridian and the gracious spirit of the South is something that is instilled in me. It's the idea of welcoming and hosting, all while looking both put-together and relaxed. I believe the perfectly chosen hat or hair accessory can accomplish that combination. 

Who would you most love to see wearing a Gigi Burris topper? 

I am honored when celebrities wear our pieces, but I really enjoy working with clients, brides or close friends one on one to choose the perfect piece. Nothing brings me more joy than to witness the emotional transformation when a bride or a client finds the exact piece for them. 

Tell us about the fabric we ended up using in the Nette scrunchies.

Well...good things take time — I know Nette understands this. Working with 100% silk can be difficult, so it takes extra time to nuance the stitching, pressing, and hand tacking to ensure the piece matches up perfectly. 


What, in your mind, is the key to a superior scrunchie? 

One that is made locally and by-hand using high quality materials. It has to have the perfect ratio of ruching and width. 

What are your go-to rituals to take good care of yourself? 

I love Healist’s CBD tincture before bed, it has this delicious herbal lavender flavor. In the morning (after coffee!), I enjoy at least 20 minutes of quiet time and prayer before I start anything at all. Stepping away to give some belly rubs to my Wheaten Terrier, Bo always relaxes me at the studio when things seem to get stressful. 

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