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Spotlight On: Laide Tomate

Spotlight On: Laide Tomate

Late summer heat, a walk in the garden alone, heirloom tomatoes heavy on the vine, wet earth after a storm, burnished skin and salty hair, the turning world, a lost afternoon.


If there was ever a candle to convince you that #summercandles are a thing, Laide Tomate is it. This is our ode to our favorite season. It smells like the sultriest, steamiest, longest summer, a stretch of time you can feel becoming a memory even as you live it. Like biting into the juiciest heirloom tomato picked right off the vine. The moment in July right after a big rain storm. It’s our most unique scent and is truly unlike anything we’ve smelled before (and we’ve smelled ‘em all!). 


Top notes of cucumber, fresh citrus and violet leaf dance together to create a vegetal fragrance that will instantly transport you to the high heat of summer. A touch of warm, honey-like mimosa is grounded with a hint of basil, and the invariably “green” scent of galbanum. The scent finishes fresh with orange flower and ylang ylang. 


This candle reminds us of our happiest days. Orange flowers and earth, tomatoes and leaves, sunshine and simplicity. We hope it does that for you too.