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Spotlight on Robertet

Spotlight on Robertet

About a year ago, when Nette was just a glimmer of possibility in our minds, we knew that doing things differently was one of the most important things to us. The last thing we wanted to do was put out yet another basic candle brand. So, we made a list of all the components of a candle in order to figure out how we could create something entirely new. The three biggest things we noticed were that 1. Everyone uses the same glass vessels and just sticks on a cute label (cue us turning to Italy for hand blown glass that looks like nothing else on the market), 2. No one uses certified organic cotton for their wicks (flash forward to us spending six months researching and calling companies to figure out how to get one made), and 3. Most candles use synthetic fragrance oil blends that aren’t developed by actual perfumers or noses. Shocking, right? 

We made it our mission to recruit the best team in the fragrance world to work with us and we are so excited to call Robertet Group our fragrance house. We worked hand-in-hand with them to create our four launch fragrances made with no synthetics and they are so exquisite and totally addictive. 

As a family-run business based in Grasse, France for over five generations and the noses behind iconic perfumes from brands like Chanel and Dior, Robertet is home to some of the best perfumers in the world and they boast a serious sustainability practice. This means that they prioritize listening to and respecting nature and offer full traceability of production, from the seed to the fragrance. 

Transparency is important to us — you deserve to know exactly what you’re burning in your home and where it came from. We wanted our fragrances to both smell good and be good for you. With us, there are no mystery ingredients, no hiding behind fragrances classified as “trade secrets,” no synthetics. Only clean, botanically-derived scents and a banned ingredients list about a mile long. Doing fragrance this way is hard. People use synthetics because it’s easy and cheap, but we didn’t want to take any shortcuts. And you know what? We think the end result was worth it. We hope you love our scents just as much as we do.