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A Case For Purposeful Paper

A Case For Purposeful Paper

When companies proudly say their paper packaging is recyclable, that’s great but it’s also a little superfluous since most paper is, indeed, recyclable with the exception of plastic-lined containers like coffee cups and milk cartons, and anything that’s been contaminated like tissues and paper towels. 

So, instead of using recyclable packaging made of virgin paper, we’ve made it a priority to use 100% recycled paper whenever possible. Our candle boxes are made from old shoeboxes and all of our printed materials, including our candle labels, are made from the same paper in lighter weights. The decision to use this material wasn’t an easy one because it is so expensive. Literally, the most expensive option on the table. 

It really is the pinnacle of luxury to use such a sustainable material that still looks and feels utterly lavish. One thing we’ve learned in the process of creating Nette is that sustainability truly is luxury. We could’ve gone with less sustainable options that looked great and were a lot cheaper, but that’s a compromise we aren’t willing to make.

On top of that, we go beyond the box, and print using a seaweed-based ink and use a biodegradable, compostable, SFI-certified and fully recyclable alternative to bubble wrap to ensure your candles get to you safe and sound. 

Last but definitely not least, you’ll never see plastic in your Nette order and we’re working to get our entire supply chain plastic-free as well. It’s all part of our #NetteZero goal, which you can read more about here.

Take good care.