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From The Desk of Dria Murphy

From The Desk of Dria Murphy

We recently caught up with our friend Dria Murphy to talk all things entrepreneurship, inspiration, and wellness. As founder of both Alise Collective, a creative marketing company in NYC, and by dria, an impeccably curated shoppable lifestyle site, it’s safe to say that Dria knows a thing or two about success, the hustle, and how to keep balanced when life gets hectic (including a favorite Nette candle or two!). Read on for some wisdom from this wellness expert and brand builder. 

Please introduce yourself.  
My name is Dria Murphy and I am an entrepreneur living in the West Village in NYC. I love to drink matcha and am obsessed with my puppy, Matchee. Movement is my meditation and I love to discover new wellness brands.

You’re the founder and CEO of Alise Collective (a creative marketing company), the founder of by dria (an incredible lifestyle site), and an expert at curating wellness experiences for luxury brands—have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit? 
I think I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit but didn’t realize it until later in life. 

I’m originally from San Francisco, and had spent the summer before graduating from Santa Clara University in California interning in New York City at Giorgio Armani and Bottega Veneta in public relations. I got hooked on NYC and moved right out of college only knowing one person. I just knew I wanted to be in the energy and hustle that New York City fuels. Looking back, I can see the correlation between my solo move across the country and my career journey to entrepreneurship. Being 100% self-made was definitely an innate part of me, but at the time, it wasn’t even on my radar.

Semi-early in my career, I was laid off along with the rest of the company and it put a lot into perspective. If I hadn't been let go, I'm not sure I would have made the jump at the time. Of course, it was scary to go out on my own but, thankfully, I had amazing mentors and a support system to lean on. Any entrepreneur will tell you that it can be difficult, especially when playing the long game, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

How did your interest in the world of wellness begin? 
I’ve been passionate about wellness since before it was the trend because taking care of yourself physically and mentally every day of the week is so important to me. I love trying new products, experiencing new treatments, talking to experts and learning in this space. My entrepreneurial pursuits are a reflection of a personal passion and professional expertise.

When I started my business, I wanted it to reflect what I was interested in and wellness was a natural fit. 

At Alise Collective we specialize in launching niche, start-up brands in the wellness space. We establish partnerships with industry-leading businesses and curate thought leadership events and wellness activations at luxury venues in NYC, Los Angeles, and the Hamptons. 

I love curating the best of the best for people within the wellness and lifestyle industry, which led me to launch my second business, by dria. It’s a shoppable lifestyle site where I share an unparalleled collection of tried and trusted wellness products based on my experience in the industry for 10+ years. 

What does your typical morning look like? 
The first thing I do is make my morning matcha. I love to light the Twelfth Night candle in the morning—I love the smell. I enjoy the scent while I sip my matcha and journal. I try to journal every morning even if it's just for five minutes. Some days it's much longer, but I find it helps settle my mind before the craziness of the day ahead. Then I take my puppy Matchee out for a stroll through the West Village. I try to not look at my phone and just have some time outside before tackling the day.

We’re sure no two days are ever the same, but take us through a typical work day.
No two days are the same, which is one of my favorite parts of the job. Some days are spent running around the city, others are spent behind a screen. Most frequently, though, it's a mix of the two. I'm constantly hustling for my clients and working with my team, either remote or IRL. I’m attending events, trying new products and networking to form new brand connections and catch up with existing relationships. When working from home, I always have a candle lit. Right now I am loving Gallica Rose for a day behind the computer. I love to light Chai Milk in the afternoon because that is usually when I need a pick-me-up, which can mean getting a physical chai as well. 

What’s your favorite Nette product? 
Chai Milk!

When it comes to wellness, what is your particular take? Any tried-and-true philosophies to share?
I think self care comes from the inside first. This past year I’ve done a lot of work on myself and that growth was painful at times but also so rewarding. Reflecting on pain and disappointment has only inspired me to continue to do the work. It’s worth it. The relationship you have with yourself is and will always be most important. Continue to get comfortable with that and embrace it even when you don’t want to. 

A mantra I love is “mindset is everything.” It is so simple and true but oftentimes hard to grasp when you are consumed by whatever is going on. I try to remind myself that I have the power to change my mindset to reflect positivity. 

Do you have any favorite wellness products or practices to recommend?
I take what I call #sanitywalks everyday to, well, keep my sanity. Sometimes they are only five minutes, others are 20, but it's a time to take a break from the day, your phone, and everything in between. A little fresh air and movement can completely change your energy. 

I love to take Livon Labs Liposomal Vitamin C supplements for true immune support. Your body's white blood cells can absorb the vitamins more easily than other forms, which helps to increase your natural defense system. I'm always trying to boost my immunity and this is a staple in my routine.

When it comes to skincare, Symbiome’s The Answer serum has become a staple for me. There are only six ingredients, including stem cell media and peptides. I have noticed an increase in collagen production and better overall skin texture since using it. It's also one of my secrets to fighting fine lines and wrinkles!

I share all these tips and tricks on too! 

What’s next for you, Dria? 
I’m excited to be out east for the next few months. I have created a way to work and live by the beach for two months every summer and it feeds my soul. It inspires me to be creative, enjoy nature and spend time with new and old friends. And the brand partnerships that I work on out there are even more fun!