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The Science of our Scents

The Science of our Scents

We believe in a combination of art and science to evoke feelings through our fragrances. Our perfumes are scientifically proven to boost confidence, mindfulness, and relaxation so they’re really scents you wear for yourself, for your own joy, and as a way to take good care. 


We formulate our fragrances using technology that combines neuroscience with AI to scientifically prove the benefits of each fragrance, using two types of testing–a declarative method, wherein we ask people to smell the ingredients in our fragrances and tell us how they feel, and then a method where we actually analyze their brain activity.

All of our five eau de parfums were created to increase feelings of confidence and mindfulness. We believe confidence, that feeling of being comfortable in your own skin, is so important—it’s a foundation from which so many other positive emotions flow. 

When you wear our scents, expect to feel like your best self.