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Our Sustainability Stats

Our Sustainability Stats

Here at Nette, sustainability is always top of mind. In bringing something new into the world, we always aim to take good care of our planet and formulate as mindfully as possible. care to Read on for a few of the inspiring sustainability stats for The Delicious Collection and don’t forget, these beauties are designed to be reused (and re-loved!). The ceramic vessels are dishwasher and microwave safe and *perfect* to use as cozy coffee mugs when your candle is done. 

99.7% Biodegradable
95.1% Made Using Green Chemistry 
62.5% Naturally Derived Ingredients 
8.8% Natural Ingredients
54.1% Renewable Carbon
99.4% Vegan

Chai Milk 
99.9% Biodegradable
93.2% Made Using Green Chemistry
46.5% Naturally Derived Ingredients 
9.2% Natural Ingredients
40.5% Renewable Carbon
100% Vegan

Sunday Chess
99.4% Biodegradable
99.3% Made Using Green Chemistry 
73.5% Naturally Derived Ingredients 
24.5% Natural Ingredients
64.3% Renewable Carbon
100% Vegan

95.5% Biodegradable
98.9% Made Using Green Chemistry 
79.2% Naturally Derived Ingredients 
15.3% Natural Ingredients
69.3% Renewable Carbon
100% Vegan