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The Many Lives of Your Nette Candle

The Many Lives of Your Nette Candle

When your Nette candle has reached the end of its wax, it’s time to decide on a perfect second life. We designed our gleaming, pearly glasses with reuse in mind – it’s our dream come true that these vessels take on a new meaning in your home. To help inspire these second lives, we recruited our longtime friend Chelsea Neff — a wildly talented floral designer, photographer, and mama to the cutest little boy ever — to show us a few of her favorite ways to repurpose her Nette.

As a Floral Vase 
This was the very first thing that we used our own Nette vessels for when we finished our first candles. There’s something poetic about a candle that’s filled with natural fragrance getting a second life as a vessel for florals.


As Part of the Chicest Cheese Board
We’re suckers for a well-composed charcuterie or cheese board and of course the best ones include a selection of crunchy, carby breadsticks. It’s a non-negotiable. Your Nette vessel will help add a touch of sophistication to your next spread. 

As a Pencil Holder
Many of us spend more time at our desks than anywhere else. Make sure it’s an inspiring (and organized) experience by adding some glamour with a Nette pencil holder.