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Waxing Poetic with Tandya Stewart

Waxing Poetic with Tandya Stewart

We’re massive fans of content creator Tandya Stewart. Not only is her style ultra-cool (can we talk about those cow-print pants?!), her home is the minimal abode dreams are made of. We recently caught up with Tandya to chat about her upcoming nuptials (sure to be utterly save-worthy!), her sources of inspiration, and her favorite ways to wind down after a long day. Read on and don’t forget to check out Tandya’s go-to Nette candle, Supernatural

Hi Tandya! Tell our readers a little about yourself 
Hi! My name is Tandya and I’m a fashion/lifestyle blogger and content creator. I am a dual citizen (US and the UK!), I love to read and travel, and my favorite date activity is going to an art museum followed by dinner. 

We’re obsessed with the minimal, neutral vibes of your Instagram — how have you developed this aesthetic? Is it something you always gravitated towards? 
Yes! Even looking at my Instagram account five years ago, it was very minimal. I feel most comfortable in neutral colors and solid pieces. I am not big on clutter, so I think my minimal vibes on Instagram are an extension of my lifestyle at home. 

We hear you’re getting married soon (congratulations!!), what are your biggest hopes for the big day?
Thank you so much! After our original wedding was postponed almost a year ago, it is so exciting that we will finally have our big day planned for this summer. We are having an intimate wedding at a vineyard, and I hope that it is a celebration of love with all of our loved ones present. 

Who is your biggest style inspiration? 
Hailey Bieber — I love everything she wears and she can do no wrong in the style department. 

You’ve got a pretty epic collection of coffee table books — are there any that you recommend we snap up? 
I get a lot of my coffee table books from Taschen. My favorites are the biographies of Vincent Van Goh, Monet, and Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Tell us about your Nette candle. Why do you like it and how does it fit within your home? 
I absolutely love it. Not only does it smell amazing, but the minimal aesthetic is a perfect fit for my home. I am obsessed with the Supernatural scent. 

We’re big proponents of self-care – what are your top five favorite ways to take good care? 
Meditating and journaling (I do both every morning), candlelit baths, getting outside, and working out. 

The interior inspo that you share on your Instagram consistently has us mentally planning a remodel; where do you find interior inspiration? 
I absolutely love drawing inspiration from Pinterest. I also feel most inspired when traveling or at an art museum.