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Introducing: LMR Naturals

Introducing: LMR Naturals

Since the beginning, we’ve been laser focused on using the best ingredients available in our candles, so we were incredibly excited to introduce Laboratoire Monique Remy as part of our sourcing.

Located in Grasse, France — the unofficial capital of the fragrance industry — LMR Naturals was founded by Monique Remy back in 1983. Known to be the Hermés of the fragrance world, the company’s guiding principle has always been to deliver premium, 100% pure and natural extracts. Pretty impressive when you take a moment and think back to where the world was in 1983… let’s just say Monique was a true pioneer. Since then, the company’s ethos has remained the same — providing complete transparency together with a commitment to sustainability. In fact, two of the company’s buildings are “For Life” certified by ECOCERT, an organization that recognizes adherence to sustainability, transparency, environmental responsibility, human rights, fair and safe working conditions, and more. 

And when it comes to bringing the finest fragrances to market, LMR Naturals doesn’t take any shortcuts. Sure, they source botanicals from around the world, but the team takes it a step further by working directly with growers and producers to improve the quality and yield of their crops. 

We’re proud to partner with LMR Naturals for many of the ingredients in our candles, including the gorgeous, upcycled Rose Essential in Georgica. Using ingredients of this caliber is unusual for a candle brand, but we think it makes sense. We want our candles to be just as special and complex as perfumes, and with the help of amazing partners like LMR, we’re well on our way.